Line 6 | Powercab Active Guitar Speaker Systems

Project information

  • Category: Hardware Product | Software
  • Brand: Line 6
  • Project date: Summer, 2017
  • Project URL:
  • Awards: TEC Award Technical Acheivement Nominee (2019)
  • Role: Product Owner / UX/UI Designer
  • Overview: Powercab products offer a unique take on guitar amplification for users of guitar processors (modelers) that allows multiple workflows that are not achievable through conventional means of either playing through powered PA speakers, or integrating a traditional guitar amplifier, both of which offer a different experience which users may desire. By utilizing DSP technology and careful sound design, Powercab offers the sound of a dozen different guitar speakers in a great-sounding, lightweight, powered cabinet.

  • Contributions: Research, Product Planning and Management, UX/UI Design
  • Examined competitor products and market research to gather quantitative data on the viability of the product.
  • Conducted interviews and used surveys to gather qualitative data to identify the unmet needs, behaviors and motivations.
  • Presented a business case product plan to the organization.
  • Collaborated with engineering to design the product to work within the Line 6 ecosystem and drive sound design activities.
  • Created production artwork for the validated product interface, logo, and point-of-purchase collaterals.
  • Tested prototypes with potential users.
  • Designed desktop application UX/UI.
  • Monitored user feedback for key information about their experience post-launch.
  • Designed a key retail partner point-of-purchase demonstration display elevating sell-thru numbers.
  • Nominated for the prestigious 34th annual TEC Award for Musical Instrument Amplification & Effects (